Taming Lady Lydia

September 8th brings the long-awaited release of my first Regency spanking romance, Taming Lady Lydia! The book is currently with my ARC readers, and so far the feedback has been truly amazing. 🙂

Taming Lady Lydia Teasers LN.jpg Punish

I am so excited to bring you this sensual, potent novel, but in the meantime, please check out the book synopsis, and the beautiful teasers (created by Lilah E. Noir!)


When her father, Earl Franklin dies unexpectedly, eighteen-year-old Lady Lydia is sent to live with her guardian, the unknown and enigmatic Lord Thomas Markham. Initially eager to leave her new home, Lydia is indignant at her guardian’s firm and protective behaviour, but everything changes that first night when she accidentally discovers something shocking about life at Markham Hall…

Now, in spite of his rules and expectations, the young and indulged Lydia finds herself inexplicably drawn to her guardian. Lord Markham it seems, is a gentleman who will finally provide the firm hand she has always needed, and Lydia begins to crave his discipline, desiring him to take her over his knee and deliver a sound spanking.

With their affections for one another growing, Thomas and Lydia seem set for a bright future if only events would stop conspiring to tarnish their happiness. Can their burgeoning romance survive the scrutiny of Thomas’ mother, the Countess, and the interference of their peers? And can Lydia learn to live by Her Lordship’s governance, and find the happily ever after they so desire?


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